We are ddos protected hosting service. We provide any kind of ddos protection and defense from Internet threats. Our multiple ddos protection service can mitigate any ddos attack and stop any ddos. Ddos prevention is our aim.

We provided remote ddos attack prevention, multiple dos attack protection and ddos filtering.  We can block any ddos by providing ddos mitigation proxy solution. Our anti ddos hosting offers any kind of ddos protection proxy solution.

Remote Anti ddos service and ddos protected hosting will stop any ddos attack by using our ddos protection services. Our goal is to ddos protect and to serve!

Our remote ddos mitigation service will protect your site from any ddos attack. With our anti ddos protection you can sleep tight.

We will mitigate ddos for you using our remote ddos proxy filtering solution.  We provide enterprise ddos protection service only. By blocking ddos attacks our anti ddos system will stop it and your site will have 100% uptime guarantee.

We are ddos mitigation provider and we provide remote ddos mitigation proxy service (we mitigate denial of service attacks).  Our anti ddos proxy will offer you an emergency ddos protection to protect your website against  ddos attack. We provide multiple DDoS mitigation.

Хостинг с защитой от DDoS атак для сайтов любого контента. Защита до 80 gbit/s (80 Millions of PPS) 24/7/365

Контакты   Jabber service

Пред DDoS’ом – все равны! Мы не делаем различия для сайтов по их контенту. Тарифные планы DDoS защиты едины для сайтов любой тематики. 100% возврат средств если мы не смогли отразить атаку за одни сутки.

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